Futaris Fibre, LLC, is one of over three dozen subsidiary companies within the Calista Corporation.  Calista (www.calistacorp.com) is a regional Alaska Native Corporation, formed under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA).  The Calista region is vast and remote; the people of this region have a tenor to the culture of pragmatism, collaboration, ruggedness and resolve. Futaris Fibre, LLC, brings this culture, and a richness of performance of over 50 years of our corporate sister companies, to focus on telecommunications.

Futaris Fibre, LLC, was formed in January of 2014, as a subsidiary of Futaris, Inc.  The original forming of Futaris Fibre, LLC, was to manage an investment in a private undersea cable system (Arctic Fibre; now, Quintillion Subsea).  As the cable system project got underway, it became clear that the business models between Futaris Inc. (a satellite-based telecommunications company) and Futaris Fibre, LLC, were drastically different.  The business and technical models, as well as the way to develop business opportunities drove to the determination to move Futaris Fibre, LLC, out from its status as a subsidiary of Futaris Inc., to being a ‘sister company’ to Futaris Inc. within Niici Holding Company, LLC, effective January, 2016. 

Futaris Fibre, LLC, was a subsidiary of Futaris Inc. (a satellite telecommunications company established originally as Alaska Telecom Inc. in 1981).  Seeing the significant differences between service delivery and business models that effectively support the two transport types, Futaris Fibre, was moved out from under Futaris Inc. in January of 2016.

Futaris Fibre, LLC is an Alaska Native Corporation and small business with an 8(a) application submitted.


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